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Homemade Sea Salt Caramel Candies

Sea Salt Caramels
My sister, Rebekah, makes amazing things ... cookies and cakes and pies and pepperoni rolls and on and on and on until I've gained weight from so many delicious thoughts. Her newest creation is no exception. It's the perfect "special recipe" for holiday gift-giving. And a word (or two) to the wise: be precise. I'm not always exact in my measurements and baking endeavors, but this recipe requires attention to detail. Enjoy! Sea Salt Caramels 1-1/2 cups heavy cream 2 cups ... Continue Reading

The merits of horse discourse

Painting the horse's skeletal structure
We're not what my spouse would call "horse people" — we don't show horses or haul them around or go on long trail rides. We're just people ... with horses (a fact that fills him with disdain, if he's being honest). We have three trusty steeds. My horse is 30 years old and these days she does nothing more than graze, sleep and come to the barn for senior feed and supplements. She enjoys a good brushing but can get a bit testy if old age and weather make her ache. The girls bought a ... Continue Reading