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Call me the bedazzler. I've been wrapping a few presents and um ... other things. Around and around with strings of lights I go and where I'll stop, nobody knows — although I'm fresh out of extension cords so decorating has been temporarily thwarted. I don't usually decorate the outdoors with so much gusto. "Why this year?" you ask. I don't really know and it's probably best not to examine my psychological self. There is a full moon tonight, after all. Lights on the woodshed? ... Continue Reading

Such a Sweet Pea

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Gift idea No. 3 — handmade scarves from Sweet Pea Loft This gift idea is one of my favorites! These lovely scarves are handmade by Jamie, a local artisan. I love them! The ultra- soft fabric and unique design are fashionable and creative. Her color combinations are dynamite, but you can also request custom colors. Mmm. I love the layered look! I bought a scarf for each of my girls last year but I often "borrow" them, much to their chagrin. We love that there are multiple ways to ... Continue Reading