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Mod Podge and all that glitters

Making ornaments with Mod Podge & tissue paper
Each Christmas since their births I've purchased a new ornament for the kids. We write the year on the bottom or the back with a black Sharpie maker. Some day, when they're older and moving out or getting married, I will place these small treasures in a box and hand them over to each. It's a tradition my mom started when I was a baby and one I hope my kids pass along. This year we switched things up a bit ... the kids made their 2012 ornaments! I purchase three large paper ... Continue Reading

Wreath around the rosy

Christmas wreath
Sitting pretty. This beautiful wreath is a creation of the kids' babysitter, a.k.a. Mary Poppins. Not only is she crafty and clever, she's pretty darned talented, too. (If you're local, these lovely wreaths and more are for sale at Pine Ridge Tree Farm, 5256 Caddy Rd. SW between Sherrodsville & Leesville!) The term "Wreath", curiously enough, is linked to our word "Wrist", with both terms forming a continuous physical circular shape. It also came from Middle English's "wrethe", ... Continue Reading