2 posts from day 13/12/2012

Back porch tree trimming

Christmas Tree on the Porch
It all started with the old galvanized water cooler can I found in the shed. Then I saw a forlorn little tree at Manfull Orchards. Too small for a family O Tannenbaum but ideal for my back porch! If you're new to Farmgirl Follies, or visiting from the Nester's 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes,  The Inspired Room House Tour or the Thrifty Decor Chick Tree Party, welcome! This little back porch evergreen is the perfect tree to say "C'mon in." And it's a direct nod to my other ... Continue Reading

Meteor showers and saving for posterity

Homemade Santa Maria ship replica
I saw the most amazing sights last night. The dogs and I were out for a frosty midnight walk around the farm. I just happened to be looking straight at the horizon when a huge shooting star raced across the sky in front of me. Only it wasn't just a shooting star. It was an amazing trail of hot white burning into blue and green — a meteor! And then, amazingly, I saw five or six more in the span of moments. They weren't as big as the first, but certainly spectacular. As it turns out, I ... Continue Reading