Meteor showers and saving for posterity

Christmas bokeh

I saw the most amazing sights last night. The dogs and I were out for a frosty midnight walk around the farm. I just happened to be looking straight at the horizon when a huge shooting star raced across the sky in front of me. Only it wasn’t just a shooting star. It was an amazing trail of hot white burning into blue and green — a meteor! And then, amazingly, I saw five or six more in the span of moments. They weren’t as big as the first, but certainly spectacular. As it turns out, I was seeing the Geminid Meteor Shower. According to NASA, you may be able to see more than 100 per hour. Definitely check it out!

The meteors were an awesome diversion from the task at hand. For some unknown reason I started cleaning out cupboards in our fun room/TV room/classroom. Stacks of kid art needed to go … the girls will never use their Ancient Civilizations stick people from first grade. They don’t need their finger paintings from kindergarten. But oh, how I hated to throw away the artwork of tiny babes!

So …

Homemade Santa Maria ship replica

I took photos of those and their most recent works. And THEN I threw them in the monstrous lawn and leaf bag I chose for the occasion. The ships … lovely, creative and the pride of Columbus Day past. How could I destroy them you ask? Well … they’re taking up precious space on windowsills.

Homemade Nina ship replica

And the bark bottom boat is starting to disintegrate. At first they had a hissy fit, but the thought of a forever photograph was satisfactory. The boats were gently and respectfully placed at the bottom of my garbage bag. I kept the poster of all the kids’ handprints from 2008. I saved the Jabberwocky creations made from feathers and buttons and sequins. And of course we’ll continue to make new creations.

Did you or do you keep your kids’ artwork? Some of it … most of it … none of it? How do you store it?

Please share your secrets!

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