Our school room and men on the ledge

Shelves across windows homeschool room

The first day of a new year. Snow blankets my world and darkness rests on the other side of the glass. It’s cozy here in our school/craft/computer room. Photos, memories and favorite tomes rest in a row on new shelves.

I was sitting here earlier today and realized our bookshelves were so crowded with miscellaneous treasures that books had to be stacked on the floor. An idea occurred to me out of the blue and so I said — in a most beguiling voice to my beloved who was deep in the throes of his Civil War history book …

Shelving across windows in homeschool room

“Darling, you know those boards taking up space in the mud room? I bet they’d look great mounted across the windows in the school room!” To which he replied with a startled, deer-in-my-headlights-look, “Huh?”

Truly a man on the edge. To be honest, he looked a lot like the men on the ledge, above.
He stared at the floor, chin resting on his fist, deep in thought like The Thinker  bookends. No doubt he was deciding it might be easiest to go with the flow of my wild idea. With a defeatist sigh — for he senses when I’m off on a determined lark — he agreed to cut a board in half, mount sturdy little brackets to the window trim and now, wonder of wonders!

There is a place for every thing and every thing in its place.

The kids can fill the window shelves with “stuff” and our bookshelves can revert to holding (mostly) books.

Built in book shelves

Tonight I’m surrounded by wondrous adventures, lovely anecdotes and simple treasures from escapades past. There are feathers, heart-shaped rocks from a creek deep in the forest, and a jar of lucky stones sitting on the new shelves. The men on the ledge are still deep in thought, keeping the girls’ Nancy Drew  novels upright.

Farmgirl Follies computer

I’m sitting here at my command center, wondering what other projects we’ll complete in the coming year. I’m smiling because it’s the very first day and over my shoulder there is something old and re-purposed and new. Here’s to 364 more days of great ideas, plans coming together and everything in its place — and most importantly, here’s to giving and sharing and supporting crazy loved ones (and my random ideas).

Thank you, dear! You say you have to cut wood on Saturday? I’ll be there to stack it for you.

Happy New Year!


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