A heart for hospitality

I can’t seriously say “Ya’ll!” It’s not part of my eastern Ohio vernacular. My cousins in Georgia can credibly encourage, “Ya’ll need to … ” My sister — after living in Nashville for 10 years — has earned the right, the accent and the Southern attitude needed to believably proclaim, “Ya’ll have to … ”
In my own ear it sounds silly for me to say, “Ya’ll need to read this book!” but I’m going to say it anyway. I think it’s the only correct phrase to effectively encourage you in this situation.


life{in}grace - Edie Wadsworth's ebook

One of my favorite bloggers has written an e-book brimming with beauty, grace and inspiration for all of us. There are gorgeous photos of her new house, food and beautiful family. It holds tantalizing recipes, and links to things that will inspire your living spaces and welcome visitors to your home. It’s a delight for the eyes. But there’s so much more.  Each precious page is filled with bits of love and wisdom, like this:

I hold the laundry tight and inhale extra long and think about the love that is modeled when a woman washes the same clothes over and over, day in, day out — almost touching something sacred — this washing and consecrating of material things for a noble and good purpose. The renewal that comes from being clean. My heart aches for that washing too. Perhaps it’s a blessed thing, this daily rhythm of life. We love the grand scale, the best days, the shiny things. The bright newness of God’s blessed restoration.

But what about all those ordinary days? Where is God then?
He always chooses the ordinary things to do his greatest work.
He chose bread to feed us. Water to wash us. A baby to save us.
He is no despiser of the small days.
It is in them that we see the key to life.

Not in falling in love but in loving everyday,
with clean socks and warm soup.

life{in}grace blog - Edie Wadsworth

I downloaded 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality and read a bit of it while drinking coffee in a quiet kitchen before the kids were up and at ’em. I finished last evening in a lumpy old armchair by a cozy fire. That’s what hospitality is all about, after all: comfort. Comfort for our families and our guests and also, ourselves.

Go visit life{in}grace and feel the love … then share the love. As Edie writes,

“We need each other. Don’t  go it alone.”

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    edie wadsworth January 23, 2013 (11:43 am)

    Your “y’all” is totally legit!
    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and support.
    I’m so touched by this kindness.
    And so grateful:))
    Much love to you, friend.

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    rebekah January 24, 2013 (8:37 am)

    She is such a “bright” spot in my days just as you are dear sister! You both give me the encouragement I need to be a better mommy, wife, friend, and woman of the Lord!

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