Jitter to Glitter Week 5: Pause for greatness


This was first published in February 2012.  It seems a perfect fit for our  Jitter to Glitter series, for I can think of no better way to begin a new week than by pausing to look up — and out — at the world around us.

Jitter to Glitter series at FarmgirlFollies.comFor the beauty of the earth. This morning’s pink filtered through the windows and created a rosy glow inside the house. It was almost magical … the perfect ambiance for making oatmeal and feeding dogs, cats and a menagerie of other animals, including kids.

There’s a list of things to do today, a set of goals and a highlighter for marking off the accomplishments. Seems I’m a little slow, though. Could be that’s because the coffee is just now dripping into the pot and my daily dose of vim and vigor hasn’t yet entered my bloodstream … or it could be that the view id too overwhelming to look elsewhere.

I can’t seem to pull myself away from the glow of a new day.

pink sunrise

It’s breathtaking … serene … a promise of vibrant, ever-changing days that bring new challenges and triumphs. Yeah, my list is long, my burdens feel great. But there is this … this unadulterated beauty before me.

It’s proof that every good and productive day begins with a few small joys — if we pause to stare at the greatness around us, to ponder things we can’t change, move or completely understand.

It’s good to feel small and insignificant in the presence of the miraculous. And in its own way, the morning sunrise is as energizing as the coffee in our cup. A few moments in soul-full solace will do wonders to inspire our actions, prompt our forward momentum and provide us with purpose.

Begin — always begin, with the first small thing. Pause to savor the small joy … and then go forth into the day. Determined to be better, do better, love better and make the most of the minutes before us.

Have a great week, friends. Shed the jitters, embrace the glitters, and shine on with determined sparkle and magnetic perseverance!

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