The onion and other bleary-eyed nonsense


I swear that at 5 a.m. it made perfect sense to photograph cooking utensils … of course that’s about the time I realized the coffee dripping into my pot was clear liquid. Adding coffee  to the filter makes for a more highly caffeinated morning than plain old hot water.

The reason for the photograph of spoons and spatulas? I had something poetic in mind … something about cooking and trying new recipes and basking in the glory of a Saturday without formal requirements. That’s what I was  going to say. Then the coffee fiasco occurred and my literary genius trickled down the drain.

Onions in a bowl

So then I took a photo of the bowl of onions on the counter. Captured a bit of the thought-provoking phrase on the wall behind. Because LIFE is like an onion. Layers and layers must be peeled back until you finally get to the beautiful bits. And also, because my skin is so dry and flaking that I swear it sloughs off and leaves me raw and bitter. Like these onions.  See! A perfectly sensible thought to have in the pre-dawn darkness on a random Saturday morning in February.


Realizing how perfectly ridiculous this would all sound, I looked up — from whence cometh my strength. Things were weighing on my mind, see. Which begs the question … is my glass half empty or half full? Is my scale showing things too light, at over a half-pound off … or is it too heavy by nearly four and a half pounds?

You see my dilemma.

These are the sorts of things that confront a woman early in the morning before she’s had her hot water coffee. Which is why she must rise before everyone else. Otherwise she’ll never resolve her own issues before everyone else and their needs come bouncing, hop, skip and jumping into the kitchen with outrageous demands like bread with honey, and cereal with milk, and “Can I put my scrambled eggs on my peanut butter toast?”

Happy Saturday. 

May your utensils beckon you to create a beautiful meal, may you peel back the layers on your onion without too many tears, and when things weigh on your mind, may you never come up short with ideas and solutions.

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  • comment-avatar
    Dessa February 23, 2013 (5:22 pm)

    Love the last bit of insight you shared. Hoping you have a good day!

  • comment-avatar
    laura February 24, 2013 (9:45 pm)

    Yup, this one has me chuckling right along and waxing eloquent about the sorts of things a woman faces pre-dawn, pre-caffeinated coffee in the cup.
    In between the giggles, I think, hmmm- that’s it, she said it just right. Like the onions and being peeled back to the beautiful bits, but also the rawness that is sometimes exposed.
    And, can they have scrambled eggs on their peanut butter toast?
    I would say yes… 🙂