Monday’s child

Hens squawking

Hey! Did you hear? Only 23 more days until Spring officially arrives! Yeehaw yippety wahoo cluck!

And it looks like spring as I sit here feeling the warm sun on my face. It’s streaming through windows in a blaze of glory, enlightening plants and bringing smiles to the faces of my children. The curtains are wide open in welcome. It’s still colder than an igloo outside but it’s a bright and brilliant, boys and girls!

Sunshine streaming in window on violet

In case you missed it, there’s a giveaway going on here. You could win a $50 gift certificate. Sure, there are a couple of minor hoops to jump through for entry, but hey … $50 to spend on cools stuff for you and/or your family? That would be awesome. Be sure to enter by midnight on Thursday. But for now …

Enjoy the sunshine, friends. Enjoy a Monday morning that’s bright with possibilities (and yeah, ok, it might be overloaded with a new week’s responsibilities, tasks and to do lists). The bright, warm shine of it all, though, is that YOU ARE HERE. You are alive and kicking … you are present in this moment to do all that needs to be done. You are able. And that is a bright, sunshine-y gift if ever I saw one.

Happy Monday. Happy week. Happy living!

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