Tunnel vision and Word Teasers

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We’re calling this tunnel math. It’s a new form of arithmetic that encourages affection for telling time, learning fractions and counting to the hundredths place. Who knew math could be so much fun!  If you have boys you know it can be a challenge to get them to sit still for any length of time. Some days we do fine, some days I get creative. This morning I used my tunnel vision. Success!

And just as soon as he finishes that math test it’ll be time for some teasing.

Word Teasers for Small Fry

Word Teasers from Uncommon Goods

Word Teasers is one of the games we’re trying out courtesy Uncommon Goods. There are several versions but I selected the Small Fry edition. It’s loaded with fun questions that put little minds to work. They’re prompted to talk —not that youngsters usually need help in that department — but thinking through questions, forming answers and explaining verbally is good brain-building in my book!

Truth be told, it might be fun to play this game with adults, too. Because I’ve often asked myself this very question … “Would I have wanted to be a pilgrim?” I don’t think so. Maybe John Wayne’s version, Pilgrim,  but probably not the kind that suffered miserably but eventually made it to the shores of a new land.

You could head to the website and purchase this compact little game OR you could take your chances and

Enter the giveaway here.

Should you win the $50 gift certificate, you could buy Word Teasers for yourself and a few of your closest friends. But of course there are many uncommon treasures to be found at Uncommon Goods. See for yourself!

The entry period ends Thursday at midnight. In the mean time …

We’ll be down in the tunnels …  killing telling time.






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    Weekend Cowgirl February 26, 2013 (1:23 pm)

    We do reading and learning things in a tent or in dark closet with flashlight! Love the word teasers…