Watching paint dry

Painting cupboard doors

In addition to finally creating a recipe index, I did some painting over the weekend.

painting home remodel

The cabinets in our school/craft/work room/library are stained blue. They’re not bad, but I painted the walls navy blue and suddenly was overwhelmed by the darkness. So, white cabinets seemed like a logical solution.

painting cabinets

There will be molding around the top and sides, and some new hardware. It’s a pretty cheap project but it’s already making a world of difference. I still have painting to do, though, so stay tuned. I’ll even organize the cabinets and clean off the desk before I show you the finished project — it’s a complete and utter mess at the moment. You can find my inspiration board on Pinterest, if you’re interested. Do you use Pinterest? Leave me a link in the comments and we can follow each other!

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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