Bye, bye bunting

Making bunting with chevron striped contact paper

Sometimes inspiration strikes … usually in the midst of great turmoil, angst and argumentative siblings who are driving me crazy. We made bunting because I need more color in my life. And because they were driving me crazy.

Making bunting with chevron striped contact paper and fabric strips

I can’t explain the amount of honesty and truth captured in this photo. The oldest is diligently cutting fabric for our project … on task, determined, seeking a positive and successful outcome.

The middle child?

She’s contemplating the modern-day miracle of scissors. Or she’s examining her fingernail polish. I don’t know which. Maybe both. Either way, my oldest cut the fabric strips for my bunting and my middle child made this …


Bunting goatee

Eventually we all made mustaches and pondered the finer attributes of turquoise chevron stripes. Unfortunately, the photos are blurry because we were all laughing so hard.

And wasn’t that the goal, after all?



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    rebekah March 13, 2013 (7:57 am)

    I love the bunting! Ive been wanting to make some but havent done it yet! Maybe your hooligans can come help me!