Shaving cream swirls for Easter art

Easter Craft

Shaving cream is amazing. You can use it for its intended purpose or it could be instrumental in a monumental prank. Also, it’s great for kid art projects. For the really little crowd, fun can be found by simply squirting a pile of the stuff on a surface. Then let them practice “writing” numbers and letters with their fingers. You have to get a bit more creative for older kids … add an element of danger — food coloring. There’s nothing like staining fingers, hands and tables blue, green, yellow and red. 

Hint: Spread newspaper on your work surface AND have participants apply a light coating of Vaseline to their hands and fingers before starting this project. You’ll be glad they did!

Shaving Cream & Food Coloring Art Project

Step 1: Squirt regular old shaving cream (not the gel kind!) in a baking pan or pie plate. Use a piece of cardboard or a spatula to evenly smooth the surface.

Step 2: Grab the food coloring and squirt a few drops here and there.

Shaving Cream & Food Coloring - craft

Step 3: Use a straw or fork and gently swirl the colors. Don’t stir or mix — you want to keep the individual colors. Swirling is the name of the game, here.

Art Project

Step 4: Take squares of card stock or other heavy paper and gently lay on top of the shaving cream mixture. Pat very gently, then remove from the pan.

Easter Art Project

Tip: If there are large globs of shave cream sticking to the paper, scrape them off to insure quicker dry time.

Swirl Art project

Step 5: Allow your masterpieces to dry completely. It could take 1-2 days depending on thickness of your goopy swirls,

When dry, we will cut each rectangle into a large egg shape, string them with kitchen twine and hang our Easter egg garland for all to see.

Happy crafting!

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  • comment-avatar
    MAC March 20, 2013 (5:04 pm)

    You can also roll your real hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream, wipe off and let dry for super cool tie-dyed Easter Eggs!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko March 21, 2013 (6:10 am)

      We will have to try that! Thanks 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Vicki March 21, 2013 (6:21 am)

    That looks like a cool project!! What a fun mom!

  • comment-avatar
    Denise Laubacher December 14, 2013 (11:26 am)

    This was SO cool! Mark would love it — gotta remember this for spring!