Work while you work


Lessons learned from a six-year-old.

  • Humans have an inherent need to create … something.
  • When you can, find a quiet spot away from the din of everyday life to ponder … things.
  • Pick yourself up off the ground and find your own pedestal (or truck bed).
  • Life is messy. Revel in it, enjoy it and get your fingers into the dirt at least once a day.


  • Take a moment to sit back and enjoy your accomplishments.
  • Smile … often, and a lot.
  • Get a grip—wear soccer cleats whenever you want. Socks optional.
  • When painting a birdhouse in the back of your dad’s truck, try not to drip.

Truck bed

  • Enjoy the sunshine while you can because tomorrow it will snow. Maybe.
  • When someone finds you and figures out what you’re up to, just smile and look charming.
  • When someone questions your motives, stare quizzically for a moment and then repeat the poem your mother made you memorize in first grade:

work while you work,
play while you play;
this is the way
to be happy each day.
all that you do,
do with your might;
things done by halves
are never done right.

And lastly …

  • Enjoy the laughter that wraps around you, carried on the breath of the people you love.
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