We’ve caught the fever

Spring fever, that is. It’s been a wonderful few days. I looked out the window on Sunday to the sight of an impromptu barefoot volleyball game before church.

Four-leaf clovers

On Monday they discovered a few good luck charms … a whole patch of them, in fact.

Boy with chickens

On Tuesday he took a few moments to meditate with the hens before soccer practice.

Spring pasture

Today it rained … and then it was sunny … and now it’s storming some more. It’s glorious! The creek is flowing again. The horses were washed clean and pristine — and the moment I made the observation they both collapsed to the ground and rolled in the mud with what I can only describe as glee. It’s amazing how quickly the grass greened up. Time to start moderating intake but for now they’re enjoying the first fresh blades of green spring grass.

Hens on swing

And then I discovered these girls … just a swingin’. Or at least perched on the swing. They clucked and fluffed their tail feathers and hung out there between rain showers. Everyone’s feeling the love today. Aaaahhh. It’s about time.

Spring is in the air!







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    Weekend Cowgirl April 11, 2013 (12:37 pm)

    Your chicken house is adorable!!!!!