Where the sidewalk ends

Barrel walking

Life is a balancing act. Some days it feels like you’re going one step forward, two steps back. Then all of a sudden, you roll over and feel like playing opossum. But you don’t. You climb aboard the slippery slope and struggle to stand tall, head held high, feet firmly planted on precarious ground.

Because you’re strong and determined.

Because you have the will to succeed.

Because giving up is not an option.

Obstacle course

Some days you face an obstacle course. You must climb and jump and push and pull. You must leap tall buildings in a single bound, accomplish menial tasks and imperative goals.

Keep moving at a steady pace.

Throw your arms in the air.

Breathe deeply and remember there is an end. You can do it!

Running barefoot

At the end of the day when you’re tired, hot and bothered — keep moving. Kick off of your shoes, turn your face to the sunshine and soldier on. Because there are dragons to slay, dreams to achieve and untold joys to discover.

It’s all good? No. No it’s most definitely not all good.

But ‘your all’ is good. Satisfaction is found when you give it your all.

Your all is good enough.


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