My bounce rate and a visual

visual thesaurus

I started a project in the midst of another project and I reached that point — you know — where you stop, sit and stare at the disasters you’ve created, unable to move forward. It’s a catatonic state of despair that comes from bouncing around at a high rate of speed and not accomplishing a darned thing. My bounce rate has been out of control. 

True to form, I sat down to type a post about my craziness and ended up following a trail of definitions to a cool tool I wasted a good 15 minutes on: visual thesaurus (see above). I entered the word “bounce” and it put my neurosis into perspective. Yes, that’s about what my pattern of productivity looks like this week.


In the midst of preparing for an upcoming cross-country excursion, I’ve been doing laundry … sorting clothes … stacking piles for particular people. If they take their sleeping bags will they need an extra blanket? If they each have a beach towel do I really need to take bath towels? Is it feasible to fill my bag with wine instead of extra clothes? And if I bring every electronic device known to man and set it up with a cup of coffee for my husband, can I convince him to ride in the passenger seat while I drive us to Montana?

His driving makes me car sick. He swears it’s my control issues bubbling to the surface.

Anyway … I was packing “stuff” and folding laundry and working on “work stuff” when I noticed a disorderly state of affairs on the school room bookshelf.

book shelves

So I stopped folding the laundry (at least six loads, stacked in a pile waiting to be conquered by a barefooted mountaineer) and started sorting our school books. And then I decided the bookshelves needed to be reorganized, this year’s papers sorted and discarded or saved and memorialized. So on one end of this room I have laundry and on the other a mess o’ books, papers and art supplies. Oh, also … I got these lamps at the thrift store and the shades don’t sit straight. Somewhere in the midst of the mess I found a can of Play-Doh, rolled it into a skinny green snake, and wrapped it around the base of the shade. Then I left the lamps on all day and the Play-Doh hardened and the lamp shades are secure. Just a little tip from your local crazy lady.

dirty windows

And then I noticed the windows are terribly dirty and in need of a good washing. And I got stuck on Pinterest for way too long. And then I had to switch laundry loads. Also, I mowed half of the yard when I was tired of sorting through books. Somewhere in there I found some math teacher manuals that need to be listed for sale on ebay. There’s more, but it’s just too exhausting to recall.

Fortunately, a good night’s sleep accomplished much. Today I’m going to clean up my messes. Finish the laundry. Have an actual conversation with my children. And maybe, just maybe, stop flitting from one blooming thing to another like a busy butterfly.

How is your week coming along?

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  • comment-avatar
    Darci June 5, 2013 (9:20 am)

    Hahaha! I can totally relate today. Now that I’m off, I have 100 things started. I thought it was my ADD kicking in! Remember you can always go to a laundromat out there if you like fighting the crowd! I need to get busy!

  • comment-avatar
    Jennifer June 5, 2013 (6:43 pm)

    My ADD, ADHD, PTSD, ODD, PMS and ROFL are all kicking in at the same time. Or something.

  • comment-avatar
    MAC June 6, 2013 (7:45 am)

    I hired a housekeeper – she comes twice a week. I am in heaven!! She even knows me well enough that she tackled my pantry, kitchen cupboards and said my closet is next. LOVE HER!!