2 posts from day 11/06/2013

It’s strawberry season

And we're getting ready for a jam session. We all went a pickin' this afternoon. She picked several quarts. And she picked several quarts. And this dude? He ate about a quart ... or so it seemed. Also, he ran in the rows and didn't believe me when I told him there was a sign saying NOT to run in the rows. He then marched his belligerent little rear over to the sign and read it for himself. "Well?" I asked with a knowing voice when he returned. Never one to ... Continue Reading

Brace the facts – a toothsome tale

Picture this: a mother drives her three kids to the dentist first thing in the morning ... She parks her gas-guzzling grocery-getter in the narrow parking space, grabs her larger-than-life handbag stuffed with every MacGyver-style ingredient, and remembers to grab the keys out of the ignition before locking the doors. She demands her son stop his free-ranging run up the wheelchair ramp and notices that he's wearing his stinky barn shoes and not the summer sandals she asked him to put on before ... Continue Reading