High flyers and slippery slopes

red-tailed hawk

I first saw him (or her!) while mowing. The hawk lazily floated overhead and then …


… landed on a bad section of shed roof with what I presume is its mate. They preened and observed for awhile, then one would take off, circle the fields looking for vittles, and return. I started photographing them and it was almost as if they enjoyed it! One hawk flew directly overhead and circled, sharing his beautiful feathers and impressive wingspan.

I’m glad I’ m not a field mouse.


That’s when I noticed this … and then, these fat fellas. Urrgh!


Despicable creatures, tunneling to and fro, causing cave-ins and catastrophes under buildings. We’ve trapped at least five under the shop this summer and they still don’t stop their precocious conniving.

I high-tailed it to the house, grabbed my Ruger .22 and happily hit one of them. The other one started hissing at me. He’ll keep for later, I’m sure. I beg you, do not go getting sentimental. Having groundhogs in the barn is akin to having rats in your house. They must be exterminated (wishful thinking). Like the Energizer bunny, they just keep on coming.

After that excitement, I finished mowing and casually mentioned to my son that it’s too bad he doesn’t have a kiddie pool, because while he’s swinging from the rope from his tree house, it would be fun to land in the pool. Boy, did he jump on that thought. Apparently kiddie pool season is over in July. Neither of the two stores we went to had any in stock. He was extremely disappointed. He was sad, whiny and upset. And because I was at fault for the whole shebang, I decided to redeem myself.

Thus, I gathered my wits and some old, plastic bale wrap, turned on the garden hose, and transformed a hillside into a hillbilly slip and slide.

hillbilly water slide

Yes, it was awesome! Much better than a silly kiddie pool.

It was so fabulous, in fact, that it swept me off my feet!

… and then I put the camera away.

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