Summer camp

Yesterday, we dropped the girls off at church camp. They were excited … I was excited. In fact, I wanted to stay all week, too. The schedule sounded so relaxing, intriguing and enjoyable. Arts & crafts? Waterfront fun? Campfires and evening vespers? Breakfast at 9 … NINE A.M.? They get to sleep in?! Sign me up.

I went to this camp when I was 10 or 11. I loved it here. Funny that a mere … gulp! … 28 years later I’m leaving my own girls at the same place for a week’s worth of fun. I remember sitting right there by the ball cart, memorizing The Lord’s Prayer. There was some kind of competition and cabins earned points for things like that.

Home sweet home for the next few days …

… they were thrilled and ready to say goodbye and get on with the fun stuff. And little brother? He was ready to leave them and get on with things, too. In fact, he watched them unroll their sleeping bags and said “See ya later!” and waved goodbye. Then he headed out the door — intent on finding the tree house cabins. He’s planning to attend this camp next year because he’s heard all about it from his cousin.

They didn’t have the tree house cabins when I went to camp, but they did have this place …

A hillside chapel in the woods. You can’t see them in the photo, but there are strands of white Christmas lights hanging above the rows of benches. I bet it’s absolutely lovely in the evening! No time for more photos, though, because the boy child was anxious to leave and commence his week of being an only child.

His reveling began almost immediately.

Oh. And just for the record, he dressed himself. He also insisted that the outfit matched perfectly. The shirt and the shorts both have red and blue stripes, after all!

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    Nancy August 5, 2013 (12:29 pm)

    I met my husband there! A long time ago….lol. We were also on staff. His parents were the directors for many years. Lots of awesome memories there and lifelong friendships. Hope the girls have a great week!

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      Jennifer Kiko August 6, 2013 (7:10 am)

      What wonderful memories! So neat to have a place “where it all began” — have you been back in recent years? Probably looks about the same except for some new cabins. They’ve started a canning ministry, too. Kids bring some produce to camp and they teach them to can, then donate the food to a mission. Thanks for sharing, Nancy! 🙂

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    Emily Harsh August 9, 2013 (11:17 pm)

    So happy our girls met this week! My daughter was telling me about your two and I said “oh! I’m pretty sure I’ve read their mom’s blog.” Then she rolled her eyes and said “Really, mom!?!” 🙂

    Hope they had as fabulous week as my kids did. It is truly a special place.

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko August 10, 2013 (6:47 am)

      Hi Emily!
      How funny – it really is a small world after all 🙂 The girls loved camp and are already asking to go back next year! I can tell they experienced something very special this week and they seem older and wiser (and taller!). They’re determnined to teach me the Cupid Shuffle! Hope you and your family have a wonderful last few days of summer, and a great start to the school year! ~ Jennifer