2 posts from day 10/09/2013

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday's No. 1: Our very first homegrown potatoes. They're gigantic. And the kids made an observation I absolutely adore: "Have you noticed how the stuff we grow tastes better than anything?"  Why yes, yes I have noticed. Life lesson #6,402: Hard work, patience and a tiny bit of pride in the production of things has a mighty fine flavor that is easy to savor.   And now I present Tuesday's No. 2: Forgive me ... but he found this one near the big rock at the top of the ... Continue Reading

Mom on wheels

roller skates
Sometimes I stop mothering. I'm present, but not participating. I show up, but I don't contribute. I shuttle my kids to and fro, but I zone out on the sidelines, engrossed in my own little world of this, that and the other. I think it's a coping mechanism, a way to handle the pressures of incessant chatter, rule-making and bad habit breaking. Sometimes, though, you have to join the fray. They need to know you're all in, no matter the price of broken bones or cracked ribs. We were ... Continue Reading