The Rescuers

Wrapped in love: handmade afghans brings vibrant color to a room! Can't make your own? Find them at thrift stores for a few dollars.

The girls and I have started referring to ourselves as ‘the rescuers’ because we’re hard-pressed to find a handmade afghan we can’t love. I didn’t even realize we had a blanket hoarding problem until recently, when I returned home from a thrift store jaunt with yet another chevron-striped throw.

But who could resist?!

My love for these colorful comforters came at an early age. I have a grandmother who continues to crochet afghans — as well as baby booties, dishcloths and more — and she gifted one to each of her grandchildren. She also makes the sweetest hats, including ones that look like sock monkeys, for her great-grandchildren. They’re precious gifts, woven with love. And perhaps that’s the key right there … the incentive that prompts me to bring home these forgotten treasures.

Handmade afghans in squares patterns and chevron stripes.

Someone’s knowing hands worked hour after hour to weave a story from a ball of yarn. That person chose particular colors, decided on a certain pattern and began the weaving process, transforming nothing into something spectacular … a cozy wrap that envelopes us in warm, loving sentiment.

And that’s why we rescue them. 

The colors and patterns are expressions of love and creativity. And even though I don’t know why they were made or who they were for, I’m happy to pick them up, shell out a few dollars and carry them home. They’re gently washed and tumbled dry … placed on the arm of the couch, in a basket by a favorite chair or tossed across the end of a bed. And most assuredly — when a brisk wind brings a chill to the air — these masterpieces are kindly used to warm toes, ease a shiver or comfort a sick child. They wrap around us while we’re watching movies, playing board games or sitting at the computer. And they bring immense comfort.

We feel the love … and we’re thankful for the effort.

Rescue your own colorful blankets at a thrift store, yard sale or bargain bin near you. And hey, winter is coming. Maybe we can learn how to weave some memory-making of our own!


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