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We love weekends, mostly because busyness ceases and demands stop chattering for two whole days. Not completely, of course, but things slow and we’re all at home, doing what we do. And we do our best to protect Saturday and Sunday family time. As cooler weather approaches, weekends become even better. And truth be told, there’s nothing I love more than a snowy Saturday tucked away in my house with family all around. I’m not wishing for winter blizzards just yet, though. Autumn is too spectacular to hurry along!

BBC series Land Girls about the Women's Land Army during WWII.I pulled together a list of our favorite DVDs. And we’re huge fans of the programs that come from the BBC and Canada. We just finished a particularly good and historical fiction drama about the Women’s Land Army or WLA. The show is called Land Girls. There are adult themes.
“Commissioned by the BBC to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of WW II, Land Girls is a tribute to all the women who answered their country’s call for service to do their bit on the home front, while their men were overseas, fighting the enemy.”


BBC series: Monarch of the GlenWe’ve also been watching the quirky and humorous Monarch of the Glen. The description says, “Meet handsome Archie MacDonald, a reluctant young Scottish laird torn between his trendy London life and the call of his wild Highland ancestry. You’ll be seduced by breathtaking scenery, marvelously original and amusing scripts, and eccentric, thoroughly lovable characters.”
I will say that it took a couple of episodes, but by the third or fourth, I was completely enamored!

And now, a couple of oldie but goody titles. I’ve recommended these before, but we continue to watch these episodes over and over!

Australian series: McLeod's Daughter - my FAVORITE!McLeod’s Daughters is one of my all-time favorites. Set in Australia, the eight-season series focuses on a group of women who run a cattle station in South Australia. It’s brilliant, funny and terribly heartbreaking all rolled into one action-packed drama. It may take you a few episodes to catch on to accents and dialect, but I’m certain you’ll fall in love with the characers!


Books & DVD series - one of my favorites!Emily of New Moon is a fantastic series filmed in Canada. You (and your daughters, especially!) will love the show and adore the characters.

I was first introduced to Emily as a youngster reading the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I met Emily of New Moon after befriending Anne of Green Gables. (Read the books first!) But of course the DVD series for Anne of Green Gables is completely spectacular, too.

I hope you enjoy one or more of these wonderful programs. I love them so much because they seem real, at least the kind of real that I appreciate in my life: family-oriented, normal or at the very least — realistic — problems. If you love today’s American television programming, then you probably won’t appreciate the quality of these shows. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something better for you and your family … try one of these! And I can’t leave you without mentioning two other wonderful programs (and true favorites) in this house:

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey and Heartland. The hubby and I love Downton and my girls? They can’t get enough of Heartland.



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    Vicki(in Ohio) September 28, 2013 (9:56 pm)

    Oh, I will have to look into a few of those I have not heard of. Thanks.
    Another good one is Road to Avonlea. Also on Prince Edward Island.
    We finally got the 4th season of Heartland from the library and watched
    all of that.

    Look forward to seeing you this week!!

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    Sandy Corbin May 3, 2015 (9:24 am)

    Thank you for these suggestions. I’m always looking for a good series to watch. Love Anne of Green Gables. The old ones are the best!