Love notes – {Day 2} Life at a glance

It's time to burst your bubble - {31 days} Love Notes for Life

There are layers upon layers of love notes in our midst. There’s the green, growing wonder of life in the background … the living, breathing, shrieking boy blowing bubbles. There’s the sky overhead and the earth beneath our feet, all reflected in our eyes, faces and the soapy, circular surface … but.

To see we must look.

To look we must open our eyes.

To open our eyes we must burst the bubble of our own complacency.

We indulge in busy, over-stimulated days. We thrive on fast-paced, work harder-better-stronger-faster. Somewhere along the line we decided to look away, to avoid the gaze of others, to stop the natural recognition of quality over quantity. We strategize and theorize, surrounding ourselves in a bubble of pretense. We’re proactive and reactive with an intensity counteractive to life along the way.

Soybeans ready for harvest.

We’re a valuable commodity. We’re bought and sold, hired and fired, traded and compared. And … dare I say it? We still overlook true merit, real brilliance, genuine compassion. Our values are skewed. We may not see the beauty, the delicate structure, the amazing creation in front of us. We see dollar signs or market share, hours of labor or years of unlucky in love-weather-friendship-cards-you-name-it. And too often, that’s all. That’s it.

Stop it. Pop it {put it in your pocket} and burst that protective bubble.

There’s suffering and hurt and beautiful defeat in the world. No matter what we do we’ll all die trying. But don’t let that stop you. Don’t miss out. Don’t miss it. Don’t let living pass you by without a fighting chance at real pleasure and extraordinary pain. Still waters run deep, and you’ll suffer exhaustion if you choose to tread water until the next cruise ship comes along. This is the one life we’re given … every glorious, soul-searching, breath-taking, God-given moment.

Wading in the waters.

Step right up, dive right in … cause a few ripples and don’t be afraid to make a splash, absolutely. And always, unwaveringly … be still for a moment or two or more, and look into the shadows, gaze into the depths, search behind every rock and under every blade of grass. Make sure to — no matter what you discover or encounter — look up.

Always look up.

From whence cometh my strength and yours.

The gift is unthinkable, the loving gesture unmistakable. And it’s our responsibility to use it, enjoy it and share it with those around us. How? Recognize each moment for what it is. See the beauty of a butterfly and the cold cleanliness of new-fallen snow. Marvel at a bird soaring through the sky and an inchworm on a trek to the other side of the fence. Look deep into the eyes of a child … a spouse … even your dog, and see that life is good and pure and holy.

We can’t stop moving. We will never stop the surge of humanity on a quest for more, better, different. But when we step out of the door or into the field or on to the next big thing that we’ve determined to do, we can be conscious of our surroundings. We can make a point to read the love notes … wind in our hair, sunshine on our shoulders, glow of happiness on the cheeks of a friend … whatever it may be that proves we’re all in this crazy, wonderful life together. Appreciate just a fraction of the innumerable, unstoppable moments tumbling down upon us.

Life along the way. 

I can’t promise you a rose garden, but I can promise that if you stop and smell the roses the thorns seem fewer and farther between.

It’s not simple and it’s certainly not as easy as you may think. When kids are fighting and spilled milk drips from table to floor … when bills pile up and paychecks melt down … when sickness stirs the communal pot with desperate distress … it’s so easy to close our eyes and see no more. Those are the moments we need them most — love notes. Tiny portions of heaven-sent, soul-saving, merciful grace.

What did you see and receive today?

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