Love Notes – {Day 3} What you see today

Picking goldenrod in the pasture - Love Notes - {31 days series}

It’s funny, the things that bind us together. There are common denominators in the human soul. For most of us, the laughter of children is appealing. For most of us, flowers — growing wild or perfectly curated in a lovely garden — bring us joy. Love Note No. 3: flowers … especially flowers from children. And I’m not the only one.

Last night on facebook, Melissa wrote:

While at the grocery store today trying to conjure up something good for dinner, I saw some beautiful fresh flowers. I debated on getting them but decided the money would best be spent on food. Oh how nice it would have been to have fresh flowers for my cluttered kitchen table. When the kids got home from school, I sent my 6 year old daughter outside to let the guineas out of their coop. She came back in with some beautiful red flowers and asked for something to put them in. I remembered my vase I purchased from Goodwill. Perfect fit. “To see we must look.” This is what I saw today.

What you see today will cloud your vision tomorrow. I hope it’s a perfect storm that stirs your soul.

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    Barbara October 3, 2013 (11:38 am)

    I’m so glad you got flowers anyway. I need some for my table too. There might be some red ones left out in our garden too. I just read Heidi’s blog. She’s talking about gathering flowers too. I thought you might enjoy it if you don’t know about it already.