Love Notes – {Day 5} Home-bound hearts

Home is where your heart ... and truth ... is. {31 days of Love Notes}

These home boys have been laughing, screeching, racing and playing with reckless abandon for at least three hours. They are cousins, yes, but they are friends, also — tightly bound by an affection for unbridled adventure. This summer they traveled to distant lands … spotted their first grizzly, conquered Yellowstone National Park and watched an eruption … together. But home is where the heart is, and whether your home is good, bad, ugly or just plain fantastic, it shapes who you are and makes a major contribution to who you’ll become.

It’s a humbling thought for any parent.

Autumn leaves

And the thing to remember — the love note in this life lesson — is that they don’t need fancy belongings or fabulous vacations or parents who buy them the latest and greatest. They need this …

Laughter. The great outdoors. Companionship. The willingness of the adults in their life to stay home and give them the gift of playtime … because it’s so much more than that. And above all else, prayer. These boys need prayer — to sustain them as they grow, to protect them as they mature, to guide them as they make decisions, and to strengthen them as they grow into the leaders they’re meant to become.

Boys will be boys.

And prayers for you, Mom and Dad, and prayers for scenes like this, and the results of their daring, fun-loving spirits. Maybe throw in some prayers for patience, too. They need ’em and so do you. Pray for your home and the skills it teaches. Pray for your home and the love it shares. Pray for your home and the lessons for life that shape the tiny humans in your midst. That’s the message that filtered into my foggy brain on this Saturday afternoon in August.

Love note No. 5 on this 31 day journey: Keep the home fires burning and pray, without ceasing.

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    rebekah October 5, 2013 (1:51 pm)

    I love it! Although, it was my understanding that their daddy was watching them! So sorry! :+)