Love Notes – {Day 8} Pray for South Dakota

South Dakota landscape

12 hours of rain

48 hours of blinding blizzard

60-70 mph winds

An early snowstorm, but worse by all accounts than the worst storms in recent memory. Cattle grazing on grasslands — like those above, did what instinct told them to do in a storm — head down into the low areas between the hills, away from the driving rain and blustery wind. But it rained and rained and soaked them through. And then the snow came — up to four feet in some areas. Most cows would not yet have grown a thick, winter coat to protect them from extreme elements.

Wet + wind + an exhausting blizzard = a perfect storm of disaster.

According to Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily, “It’s been estimated that 5-10% of cattle in western South Dakota have been killed by the storm, although some are reporting losses as high as a devastating 20%.”

On No. 8 of this {31 days} series, let’s suspend focus on the little things to focus on something much bigger. Let’s send the farmers and ranchers in South Dakota a silent love note: the gift of prayer. They need it, desperately. Their extreme losses don’t seem to be making headlines or national news, but they should. Please pass it on.

[I warn you, some photos in the following links are horrific] 

The storm claimed a lot of cattle  in a state that produces a LOT of cattle for beef lovers everywhere. But it also had devastating results for farmers, ranchers and shepherds.

Click on the links, above, to read more about the storm … named Atlas.

And no, the irony is not lost on me.




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  • comment-avatar
    Weekend Cowgirl October 8, 2013 (7:34 pm)

    South Dakota needs many prayers. This week we have new calves basking in the sunny weather and the poor cattle in South Dakota suffered so… heart breaking.

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko October 9, 2013 (7:45 pm)

      Your photos are beautiful! So many blessings all around 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Jenny October 9, 2013 (1:14 pm)

    Wonderful post about so much heart break!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko October 9, 2013 (7:46 pm)

      Thanks, Jenny! Just trying to rally the power of prayer.