Blessings from home – {Day 19}

firewood stack

Returning from morning errands to find bags of potatoes on the porch, courtesy of friends.

Watching my youngest daughter ride her horse … and then going for a ride myself.

Allowing my oldest daughter to stay snuggled away in her room for most of the day because she was intently reading a 300-page adventure book.

Folding laundry with the help of my hubby while watching the Ohio State game … and staring contests with my son.

Dining on pulled pork made by my husband … with these truly delectable pumpkin muffins for dessert.

Enjoying the sacred feelings of family at home, while winds blow and rain pounds the side of the house, and a cozy fire crackles in the wood stove.

Sending the hubby and kids off to a neighboring haunted house created by cousins, while I stay here and clean up the school room, take a hot bath and fold the last of the laundry.

Love note from {Day 19} — the sum of the parts of a long, lazy, autumn Saturday … busily relaxed at home.

And one more thing … last night’s moon. Did you see it? It was gorgeous …

Moon on Oct. 18, 2013



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