Walking in a winter wonderland

Cozy cabin in winter woods

Home … where they always leave a light on.


Such a beautiful morning … snowy, silent and about 30 degrees. Winter perfection.

Charlie eating hay in snow

And even Charlie’s in a good mood. He was cozy in his stall while the snowflakes fell. And now, after a breakfast of hearty grain, he gets to peruse the winter landscape while munching hay. Thanksgiving.

Horses eating hay in snow

Diamond and Baron are happy to be out of the barn. After a bit of cavorting in the snow they settled down to munch their breakfast, too.

Fence in snow


Greenhouse in snow


Snowy spruce trees

Winter has arrived. Not officially, of course. Technically it’s still autumn. Ha!



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    Weekend Cowgirl December 2, 2013 (5:52 pm)

    Oh so beautiful. I think my donkey’s would be cold!!!