December state of the union

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Did you have an enjoyable weekend after? I hope so! Here it is Tuesday and I feel like I’m still recovering from a house full of food, loved ones and rambunctious cousins. There was great fun to be had … sledding escapades, musical jam sessions and pie-eating on the sly. When everyone left late in the evening, I collapsed on the couch and savored the moment. Yeah.

Truly thankful for life and love and the happiness they bring.

I did not venture out of my pajamas on Black Friday. Instead, I sat in a chair with a cozy blanket by a crackling fire, drank hot coffee and did some online shopping. I highly recommend it … highly. Much better than flash mobs and screams and pepper spray and throwing punches at some X-mart. I watch YouTube, people. I saw what went on. Shameless.

And speaking of shameless, I listened to Garth Brooks sing it on his Live from Las Vegas special. I think he’s a fabulous entertainer, a phenomenal singer and his songs are still powerful and addicting and wonderful. But. I wanted to make him stand still instead of pacing around the stage. And … I wanted to make him quit saying, ‘People’ all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I loved hearing the songs that inspired his music. I loved listening to just how closely related his hits are to some old classics. Maybe he was just too excited to stand still … but it made me anxious. I still love his music and hope he comes out with some new hits one day. And speaking of loving music, I’m going to see the Trace Adkins Christmas concert in Youngstown this week.

Excited and hopeful that his deep voice puts me in the mood to decorate the tree.

I started strong. There’s a bare tree standing where the Thanksgiving table was. It’s begging for lights and decorations, but I just keep passing it by. I’m not ready, yet. Instead, I went to a craft store yesterday and bought some Advent candles. We always do something … daily scripture readings or a Jesse Tree or devotionals for the kids. We’ve never done the candles. Until this year. It should make for interesting supper discussions.

By Saturday afternoon I was a bit stir crazy. I braved the general public long enough to get to the feed store for chicken layer crumbles and a couple pairs of work jeans at the thrift store. These girls of mine, they grow so quickly and rip their jeans so often. No way I’m paying more than $4 a pair for their pants, at least not the ones they’ll be wearing in the barn or … hunting.

Yes, they’re deer hunting in Ohio, and when I say ‘they’ I include my 13-year-old and 11-year-old daughters. The eldest is determined to get a buck today. Her younger sister shot one yesterday. And lest you think that’s horrible, let me sing the praises of deer trail bologna. You can slice it, eat it, or dice it and add it to a skillet of eggs or veggies. Meals in minutes, that’s my ideal. Also, my father-in-law estimates that the deer damage to his corn and soybean crops exceeds $10,000/year. Population control is important … but we can talk about that some other time.

The only other non-exciting endeavor that occurred this weekend was Sunday morning when I woke up with a terribly itchy and slightly swollen bottom eyelid. It was hurting just in the corner, by my tear duct. I did what any person would do … I grabbed the tweezers and plucked 3-5 eyelashes out of my bottom lid. My eyes teared like a stream and my nose ran like a faucet, but by golly my eye was fine by morning. I have no idea why I thought that would work … something about relieving pressure or an infected hair or something. It seemed logical in my mind.

Home remedies. Gotta love ’em.

Well, that’s the news in a rather large nutshell. Christmas decorating ideas and cookie recipes coming in the next day or so, promise. I did complete one little project. It involved a wreath, spray paint and one of those plastic barn owls that’s supposed to scare away birds in your belfry. Photos coming soon.

It’s time I deck some halls, jingle some bells, and embrace a bit of merry and bright. Sparkle on.

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