Spring indoors

Forced bulbs in January

Jack Frost is vandalizing my windows and winter winds creep in through cracks. It’s warm and toasty inside, however, and the air is humid enough thanks to a big pot of water sitting atop the wood stove. Best of all, there are flowers blooming in my kitchen. While everyone snored on this morning I tiptoed downstairs, certain I could hear those pretty blossoms taunting Old Man Winter through the window. He will take revenge after midnight with several inches of snow — at least that’s what the weather channel is predicting.

We’re slowly settling in for the weekend. With canceled plans still hanging in the air, the girls have grabbed their latest reads and cozied up in pajamas and thick socks. The boy with the boundless energy is having a great time in the monstrous blanket fort I built. It was a last-ditch effort to appease his inner whiny monster. So far it’s working.

I need to finish up a few work-related computer tasks and then I will refill the bird feeders, haul in another armload of firewood and get the animals taken care of for the long, cold night ahead. After those little tasks I plan to dig into a good book, too. But first, perhaps homemade mac and cheese for supper. We love this recipe.

What are you up to this weekend?

Here are a few ideas:



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