Au natural interiors

Antlers in a silver tray

Sometimes the very best decorations are free for the taking. Put on your boots and trudge into the great outdoors to look, discover and seek treasure in unexpected places.

Display of rocks and natural items

I love home stores as much as the next decorating diva — all those pretty patterns and textures and colors and fluffy pillows and fuzzy throws and … oh. They all have price tags. Rocks do not. Pine cones are free for the picking. Antler sheds can be found in the woods. So get out! Go exploring. Take the kids and the dog for a walk. Gather and collect.

Unless you’re buried in snow. In that case you’ll have to be patient and wait a bit.

Staghorn fern by a window with antique glass bottles

Plant some indoor greenery and wait for warmer days.

Oh, and always …

Heart rocks

… take heart, my friend.



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