Just another manic Monday

I needed a little pick me up like this Monday reminder from 2012 …

Black lab dog with a bone

It’s Monday. I feel a bit like Cash the black lab. I see the kids running around, screeching and demanding breakfast before dawn, but I’m content to just be still and watch — immovable, unresponsive, unmotivated.

Yellow lab dog

But then there’s Carter, the yellow lab. She’s at stage two and I get there eventually. I sit up, my feet hit the floor and I make my way to the kitchen. I shove scrambled eggs at little people and sit on a stool to stare at the coffee pot, willing it to brew more quickly.

Part Siamese cat

Eventually my cat-like reflexes take over (after half a cup of Joe). I watch. I listen. I begin to take stock, take interest in things going on around me. I hand out several directives and gather dirty dishes in the sink. I’m up, I’m caffeinated, I’m moving in a worthwhile direction.

Golden Comet chicken

And finally, I get moving. I’m on with my day while keeping an eye out for intruders. I cluck and cackle at coop mates. I preen my feathers, just a bit. I never count my eggs before they hatch and I try to keep them in more than one basket because that’s just good, common sense.

It’s Monday … best to approach things in stages.



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