It’s snowing but we’re hanging spring at the windows

Easter mantel for spring

It’s snowing and blowing, the wind chill is a negative number and I’m ignoring it all for signs of spring. I cleared away the heavy candles, stacks of books and dark decor to make way for bright and light. I started with an Easter mantel. I’m calling this Sin, Sacrifice and Amazing Grace.  I don’t know why I decorated right to left instead of left to right, but I’m feeling a bit backward these days. Forgive my discombobulation and may I be the first to wish you a contemplative Lenten season.

Buffalo check curtains

Earlier this week I switched out thick, winter draperies for light and airy buffalo checks (they’re on sale at Unfortunately, the new window treatments offer little defense against today’s bitter breezes. We’ll just add extra logs to the fire and stay away from cold drafts.

The forced bulbs have ceased their fragrant blooming. Bright, green leaves are still a welcome sight for sore eyes that returned from the barn to report a frozen faucet. One child in particular has forgotten to turn it all the way off twice this winter. The pipe is frozen solid — a challenge that requires digging hard earth, working with a blow torch inside the barn, and refraining from expressing verbal frustrations with the scatterbrained child in question.

I’m doing my best to maintain ‘cheerful’ in the midst of this long, cold winter. I don’t like to complain about the seasons because it could always be so much worse and every day is a gift. Yes. But to be honest I’m reaching my limit. I’m starting to get cranky (and I’m sure it’s due to the weather and not the fact that I’ve been soothing bouts of insomnia with past seasons of Grey’s Anatomy  all night long).

Buffalo check ironing

How are you coping with the cold, wintry weather? And if you’re not — if you’re enjoying sunshine and warm breezes, please keep it to yourself. We’re miserable enough as it is!

No, not really. We’ll just live vicariously through your good weather. And that’s exactly what we did yesterday when the hubby returned from a business trip to the South. We avoided Ohio weather reports and wind chill warnings, and instead bleached the sand dollars he brought back from the beach. We exclaimed over the handfuls of pretty shells he collected just for us in a “slightly chilly” 60-degree seaside environment.

Buck up. That’s Buckeye-speak for It’s winter in Ohio. Deal with it!




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    Mary S. March 1, 2014 (9:38 am)

    Let me be the first to invite you to Winston-Salem, NC. A couple of weeks ago, due to the polar vortex, we had 8 inches of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. One week to the day, it was 70 degrees! We are a breath away from our mountains so our weather is never consistent. It helps get you through the rough times to have a little taste of spring every now and again!