Flashback Friday – theme from a summer place

It’s Flashback Friday — an occasion to revisit some of our finer moments, enjoy tasty treats and recall from whence we came. You never know what will appear on Flashback Fridays, but today we’re going to Blame It On the Rain (click to read more about the photo below!). Here’s a look at summer fun with a recipe for good measure.

Farm kids running in the rain

And talk about pride in a job well done!

Flashback to summer of 2012. Fair Days for the First Timer were awfully sweet!

Boy showing heifer at the county fair

And flashback to September 2013. They spent hours building a raft that would keep them afloat.

We witnessed the laughter that comes If You Teach A Child to Play.

Building a homemade raft for the creek

And then there was our cross-country adventure in June.

A warm summer evening at the Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo.

Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo

Memories of sunshine and summer days … a delightful flashback on a cold Friday in March.

And in the spirit of friendship and memories and summer satisfactions, here’s a tasty potato salad recipe I think you’ll enjoy. It’s not so much a recipe as it is a suggestion!

Happy weekend, friends!


 Potato Salad … Marylynn-style

“I just sort of create the dressing as I go! In a bowl mix cooked, chopped potatoes, chopped hard boiled eggs, chopped celery, minced onion (I go easy on the onion). Make sauce out of 1-2 cups mayo (give or take depending on how much you need to cover). I also add about 1/2 cup of either Miracle Whip and/or Marzetti cole slaw dressing because it adds that sweet taste. Add a couple tablespoons of mustard and white vinegar for tartness. I taste it as I go along and add more of whatever I think it needs including salt and pepper. You want the dressing to be creamy, not watery.”



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