Ode to Spring in home and garden

Spring couscous

Tomorrow is the official first day of spring!
You could celebrate by making this fresh and delicious couscous recipe. It tastes like spring, literally.

I’ll be celebrating all the way to Tennessee on a road trip to see my sister. It’s a girls-only weekend and I’m hoping to fill it with kid cuddles, antique shopping and good eats. I enjoy every moment of Southern hospitality, minus the crazy pace of Music City. No matter the glitz, glamour and giddiness of downtown, we usually turn to the off-the-beaten-path places. Last time it was brisket, feed mills and Mt. Richmore. Stay tuned for our next adventures on the crazy train to Nashville!

My apprentice is in charge of Spring while I’m gone.
He was a huge help planting tomato and pepper seeds this year. Playing in the dirt was pure joy after this long, cold winter. Give a boy a job and he’ll bloom where he’s planted!

Planting seeds in spring

I may have been a bit overzealous on my seed order. We really don’t need so many tomato plants — hubby asked where I planned on putting them all (usually I have a few plants in a garden box, not the main garden). I told him I was making salsa this year. He liked that answer. Now to follow through … !

Planting seeds for the garden

Do you have seeds started? Planning a big garden this year? Let’s talk gardening tips! There’s no time like the present to dream big and imagine getting our hands (and bare feet!) in the dirt.

Please share your best gardening advice in the comments!






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