Song of the South

Nashville bound

This morning I hit the road with my girls and mom. We were Nashville bound. The girls spotted this bus just north of downtown. They were SO excited, certain we were passing a country music superstar. So they waved when we passed the bus. And that was that!

We made a pit stop on Happy Hollow Road in Clermont, Ky.

Jim Beam Distillery - Kentucky

What a great history lesson!

It certainly made the topic of Prohibition more interesting!

Jim Beam Stillhouse, Clermont, Ky.

And yeah, I bought a souvenir for my beloved. It’s the least I could.

Visitors at Jim Beam Stillhouse

The sunshine was bright and the air was warm.

Ahhh, springtime down south. Just what these winter-weary Ohio travelers needed!

Beam barrel truck

And our travel day was a barrel of laughs … !

Jim Beam

It was a delightful day to sit back and relax … but onward ho!

More travel tales tomorrow!






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  • comment-avatar
    Susanne March 21, 2014 (2:24 pm)

    I’ve never been to that part of the country! Keep taking lots of photos and I’ll travel vicariously through your adventures!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer March 21, 2014 (8:33 pm)

      Will do, Susanne! 🙂