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Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

We spent some time at Marathon Village during our Nashville Trip. I am still in awe of this grand old building. Very industrial, very cool, very textural and delightful — especially for camera-toting creative types! The buildings house shops, studios, offices and even a fitness center. In its prime (1907-1914), Marathon Village was home to the Marathon Motor Car Company.

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.


Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

And I hope you can read the description, below. The Marathon A9 and B9 were pretty snazzy in their day. The A9 was a touring car seating five people and the B9 was a roadster with seating for three passengers, with a rumble seat!

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

Someone put a lot of time and effort into restoring these buildings. They’re spectacular. Everything is gorgeous — from the tough old bricks to the iron works, paned glass and beautiful windows.

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

Speaking of beautiful windows …

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

This space really trips my trigger, butters my biscuits and salts my … um … scrambled eggs? I get carried away but you can see why. And notice the bricks around the windows!

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

They’re rounded and sculpted … soft edges in an industrial space. I want to move in …

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

… or at the very least, have an office here. Wouldn’t it be fun to work in a space with such grandeur? I think so. I’d put a desk right between the windows. Loads of natural light! And speaking of windows, I took a gander through the looking glass and spied some barrels … hmmm.

Distributor at Marathon Village

And then … just as I was about to turn away and look elsewhere, I saw the sign.

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.

If you don’t know who Popcorn Sutton is then you’ve probably never watched Moonshiners on Discovery or various bootlegging documentaries on History Channel. I’m not condoning moonshine making, drinking or selling — I’ve never tasted the stuff. The historical significance is not lost on me, however. This man’s decades-long illegal business is a little piece of American history — folklore, even. And it’s awfully sad and ironic that his name is being used to sell moonshine when the man himself died under house arrest, via suicide, a day prior to being escorted to federal prison. His apprentice is making a profit from his legacy, yet Popcorn was a wanted man for doing the very same thing. He was minding his own business, making white lightnin’ in the deep woods, but oh, yeah, not paying taxes on it. That’ll get ya every time. Anyway … he appeared to be quite an entertaining, if not crass, character. Look him up on YouTube!

Otis James, Nashville, Tenn.

More shops on down the hallways of this big old building. This one made me want to go in, settle on the sofa and take in the beautiful things. And then there was the candy company …

Bang Candy, Marathon Village, Nashville, Tenn.

The Bang Candy Company, a delightfully decorated little shop right next door to Antique Archaeology.

Isn’t it cute?!

Bang Candy Company in Nashville, Tenn.

Little bits of beauty for the eyes … or the lens, depending on your perspective!

Old Time Pickers, Nashville, Tenn.

And my guitar girl was awfully excited to spend a few minutes at The Old Time Pickin’ Parlor. She didn’t have a chance to do any pickin’ but she sure did some wishing and ogling! And outside …

Marathon Village, Nashville, Tennessee

Spring was in bloom!

(And we enjoyed every second of it because now we’re back in Ohio and it was 15 and snowing this morning.)




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  • comment-avatar
    Weekend Cowgirl March 27, 2014 (10:28 am)

    Love the old building and love the photo with the old water tower in background!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer Kiko April 1, 2014 (11:10 am)

      Me, too! It was just a spectacular place!

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