Hens, hares and random scenes


Today the craziness begins. The calendar is jam-packed and double-booked from now until Monday evening. And to manage the chaos of a schedule crisis I took just a moment to walk outside in my bare feet, listen to the birds and snap a photo of dawn’s early light. (It’s 29 degrees, but I pretended 60.) I took a deep breath before the frenzy. If I remember to pause a couple more times today I might just make it through unscathed and only half-crazy. So I inhaled deep, exhaled slowly and captured the moment.

Onward ho!


And then there is this. The hens were pecking about the yard and Peter rabbit hopped on over to the edges of their circle. Eventually he joined in and shared the same patch of grass. Perhaps he ate the grass so Henny Penny could find her worm. I call that teamwork.

These are random moments to clear your heart and soul and mind. Don’t forget to breathe today. It’s the difference between life, death and yeah, staying on top of the mountains we make ourselves climb. Happy journeys, fellow traveler.


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    Susanne April 26, 2014 (7:22 pm)

    We had a chilly morning here in Whatcom County too. What a gorgeous shot – looks so peaceful! I always enjoy your photos!