The Big Weekend

Homeschool prom

This was a weekend of epic proportions. It began with homeschool prom and concluded with a guitar recital. On Friday, moms dropped kids at the banquet facility, departed when the chaperones began the meal with prayer, and high-tailed it to a local Italian eatery. A mom’s night out on a Friday night while our kids are dancin’ the night away under a disco ball? Amen and amen.

Saturday included a 4-H showing and fitting clinic. My husband handled those affairs while I tackled the mountain of laundry, dishes and general clutter. It was a long, quiet afternoon and I enjoyed every moment.


The Sunday afternoon music showcase featured guitar, mandolin and a couple of violin students. My middle child played “House of the Rising Sun” on lead guitar and was joined by her instructor, bass guitar player, a singer, and my oldest daughter on keyboard. It was awesome … and I didn’t record it because my card was too full for the camera to allow video. *Mom fail*

This morning we had church. I was startled out of my pew when the pastor said, “Do we have a prelude this morning?” I FORGOT that I had agreed to play the piano today. *Accompanist fail*

But you know what? It was a great weekend regardless of my screw-ups. And it will be a great week, even though it completely slipped my mind that my son’s birthday is fast approaching. I was reminded this afternoon. It wasn’t a mom fail, it was a full-on mom panic attack. I consoled myself by realizing that this weekend was all about the girls. I’m determined that next weekend will be all about the birthday boy. Oh, and I will empty my camera card so I’m sure to capture the precious moments on video. I’m thinking an archery-themed birthday party is the way to go. If worst comes to worst, I’ll stick a couple of arrows in the frosting and call it a {birth} day!



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    Nanny April 28, 2014 (4:55 pm)

    Oh no Mama all that time and no recording….can’t believe it! Mama forgot to tell you this recital was more than 3 hours long!!!!