Mothers Make A World of Difference

Ripples in the creek

Motherhood is not a meandering creek with occasional ripples and crystal clear waters.


At best it’s a fast-flowing stream with lazy waves …


… and at its worst, a foaming pool of turbulence that whirls us full of angst and worry. It can sweep us off our feet, leave us adrift with no way to shore, and take our breath away.

The thing about motherhood is that nothing else compares. It’s the closest thing we have to heaven on earth. And when the storms rage about us, motherhood offers the solace we seek. It can consume our every waking moment, don’t get me wrong. But when we’re busy taking caring of kids we’re not focused on the trials and tribulations of this world. It’s Divine design.

Into the woods

Life is a meandering maze of pitfalls and dead ends. The pessimist sits down and gives up, or grows old and bitter without a glimmer of hope. Mothers find it awfully hard to remain pessimistic when surrounded by rays of sunshine. Optimism practically drips off the little creatures. Children haven’t learned ‘I can’t’ — they only know to keep trying until they master the task at hand. Children are a message sent from God: “Don’t give up. Keep going, again and again and again until you get it. And I am with you, always.”

My true north? Motherhood. For me, and possibly you — and for many women on this earth, it’s the definition of fulfillment. Halt! I did not say your career is not fulfilling or your marriage is not the bees knees or your goals and intentions, endeavors and priorities are not important. Of course they make you happy, at least that’s the goal, right? But if you have children … if you share some part of your life with children, pause for a moment and consider who you would be — what your life would be like — without them. Makes you shudder, right?

Again, I say: motherhood defines and fulfills a woman in ways nothing else can.

For me, family is my compass and equilibrium in the fray of this intolerable world. Motherhood allows me to see beauty in the midst of chaos. It guides my days and makes me feel closer to God. Oh, there are days when my little angels resemble demons straight from Hades, don’t think I’m living in the land of delirium. Thankfully, though, God gave {most} mothers a sense of humor and a hefty dose of patience.

Black hole in the rocks

Of course it’s easy to get sucked into the abyss — especially in the comfort of home on one of those dark, lonely nights when the screaming child in your arms is inconsolable and you’ve been wearing the same T-shirt for three days. It’s revolting, to say the least.

Motherhood is the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and the most difficult, heart-wrenching thing we will ever do. But it’s the thing that pulls up on the reins, the thing that offers perspective and clarity. It shifts the focus from the ugly without to the beauty within. For me — and I hope, for you — motherhood is a safety net when it feels like the sky is falling. It’s the part of your heart and soul that’s all bound up in faith and forgiveness, and doing unto others. It’s the burst of vibrant, merciful blessing in the midst of the fallen.


Motherhood … parenthood … is the culmination of grace and hope. It’s a precious gift. 


Sometimes it seems impossible to get to the other side, even when the going is easy and relatively simple. We get lost in the worrying. The fact is, our world will always let us down. Hearts will be broken, trust will be betrayed and loyalty will be trampled, but children will always — always — be a blessing. Truth. Not every ‘parent’ sees it that way but that doesn’t change facts. Unfortunately, there are many little blessings struggling along without the benefit of loving, caring, parents. Those are the ones we must help and seek and pray for. It’s up to us to make a difference when no one else will. Because EVERY CHILD IS A BLESSING to someone. The world may not believe it …

Fungi in the forest

… because here on earth beauty and goodness are plagued by evil that hangs on for dear life in order to steal the dear life from our souls. We decay a bit each day. It’s human nature. We live in a world that abuses and consumes without remorse.

Dead tree

We snatch the life right out of each other until we’re nothing but hardened souls filled with darkness and despair. We start to doubt our gifts, overlook our blessings. We focus on the wrong things.

Stop sign

Turn away from naysayers and joy stealing thieves. Run like the wind into the wide-open arms of blessing and love, support and acceptance …


If you’re a mother, you have your own cheering section. You manage your own team and they love you unconditionally. We are blessed. Do you hear me? MOTHERS ARE SO VERY BLESSED! We’re growing our own force of nature. Want to change the world? Want to make a difference or take a stand? Raise a bunch of kids who love the Lord, stand for truth and justice, and offer kindness to everyone they meet.


So my dear, sweet friend — you out there fighting the good fight:  when you’re at your wits’ end … when you’re lonely and sad … when your opinions don’t matter … when the world turns a cold shoulder to all you have to offer … remember you have something no one can take away. The precious, soul-splitting, heart-squeezing, spine-tingling, back-breaking, tear-filled job of being somebody’s mother.


You’re rooted on the line between death and decay, and tender, new growth.

Bloom where you’re planted.


And remember, you provide shelter from life’s storms for the little ones in your midst. Spread your wings and gather them to your nest. Defend them until the end, and teach them what they need to take flight and carry on.

Here’s to you, Mom!
Never, ever doubt your power to make a difference!




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    Denise Laubacher May 12, 2014 (1:53 pm)

    That was beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day!!