Beauty and The Least Expected

Peonies in a blue Ball jar.

I went searching for beauty … something intricate, fragile and brimming with strength. I found vibrant color. I found pleasing aroma. I found pink and white peonies and put them in a Ball jar. And then I simply sat and gazed at them. My mind wandered. My eyes looked, but did not see — until a snapping, waving flash of red tore my gaze from reverie.

Old Glory waves with hillside splendor on the farm.

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help,” ~ Psalm 121:1.

I gazed at the grasses leaning like illustrious waves in the wind. I heard the sharp crack of the flag as it snapped to attention with each burst of summer breeze. I followed the tracks up over the hill, and back down again. The sun fell slowly, silently … but then I heard shrieks of laughter and a metallic thump. Eventually I unfolded myself from the rocking chair on the porch. I followed a meandering path to the back of the house and encountered this:

Farm girl in the water trough. Brrr!

She worked hard all afternoon. The barn floors were swept clean, loose straw piled neatly in a corner. Buckets were scrubbed, troughs were filled, and she restored order to feed bags, scoops and miscellaneous equipment. She asked if we could go swimming … and I had replied, “Not now, maybe tomorrow.”

With heavy footsteps she walked back to the barn. Somewhere along the way an idea surfaced. She dragged the trough from the feedlot to the back yard, 150 yards or so? The hose eventually filled her makeshift swimming pool. She sat in the frigid water until her brother discovered the fun and joined in.

Peonies from Tuckaway Farm

Once again, I found beauty. This time, she was bright and glistening, with streams of water trickling from the top of her head. And Beauty laughed with joy and delight.


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    Susanne June 6, 2014 (9:18 pm)

    I remember having a water trough like that when I was growing up on our farm! Great memories! And it looks like your children are making great memories of their own!