Woodworking, chevron stripes and Father’s Day surprises

An old barn is falling down. We're using the wood for a great project!

We have a three-sided building on our property, a shedrow of sorts. One end has been falling down since we came to the place. A couple of recent windstorms have taken their toll, and my husband finally decided it was time to come down. I couldn’t be more delighted! One, because it’s an eyesore and needs to be cleaned up. And two, because I have projects in mind for that old, weathered wood.

One of the projects will use various pieces at an angle to form chevron stripes. (You should have seen the hubby’s face when I tried to explain THAT one!) Chevron stripes are extremely popular and have been for a couple of years — I love ’em. Have I ever told you how much? I do. I really, really do …

Chevron Slow Cooker from Hamilton Beach

In fact, when I discovered a chevron striped slow cooker I immediately added it to my Christmas/birthday wish list! Long story short, there’s a woodworking project happening over here and with help from my patient spouse I should have photos — and hopefully a finished result! — in a day or two.

Until then, let’s award some Father’s Day gift cards! 


A hearty thanks and big shout-out to Duluth Trading Co. for sponsoring this giveaway! And the winners, chosen by a very scientific method of random draw are … drum roll 

Laura J
My dad has retired and is the jeans and polo shirt type of guy! He really loves the Banded-bottom Shirt…and they are so hard to find! He has been looking for them and not having much luck! I love that the Duluth Trading Company has them!!! He would be so excited to get some!

My husband, the father to my children, is exactly as you described. He wears clothes. Little to no thought is needed. Jeans and a tshirt. If it’s winter he will add a flannel. It matters not the condition and yes he has used a pocket knife to adapt winter clothing to summer. I guess, if I had to sum up a “style”, it would be “care free”!

Ladies, I’ll be contacting you about your prize!



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    Kelly June 9, 2014 (10:57 am)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! 🙂
    Replied to your email.