Thunderstorms and Bunny Trails

Wild rabbits at Tuckaway Farm

And the storms just keep on coming … thunderstorms, that is. We had hail yesterday in the dark hours before dawn. My poor tomato plants are in sorry shape. They were struggling to begin with, so I’m thinking I need to pull them out and call it a total wash. They came from bad seed. The weeds, though — they’re thriving like … bunnies.

The bunny trails around here move at a fast and furious pace. I’m fairly certain they’re planning a takeover. They sit and watch me working in the garden. I don’t even want to know what happens when I’m not around. They don’t clean up after themselves, though, so I can always tell when they’ve had a family reunion. My plants provide the buffet.


I was on to this little fella — he was hanging out around the pepper plants. He tried to lead me on a wild goose chase. And then I saw why …


The little bunny was crouched in the grass nearby. She didn’t move a muscle. I followed the big bunny with my camera. And when I turned this little one was gone. I felt a bit like old Mr. McGregor.

Let this be a warning, Peter Rabbit (and company). I’m putting you on notice. Keep out or else!



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