Spin cycles: wash, dry, clip and repeat


The county fair begins on Tuesday. That means this weekend will be filled with washing, scrubbing, brushing and clipping x 13. It’s a wet-n-hairy experience, but it must be done and the kids are always enthusiastic (for the first few, anyway!).

Clipping cows for a county fair dairy show.

In case you’re wondering, we don’t have a dedicated wash rack. When it’s their turn, heifers and cows are tied to a tractor or wagon. Why? Because tractors and wagons are solid and sturdy. No amount of pulling from several hundred pounds of bovine is going to budge ’em.

Cow girl laundromat

But most of the time, all the girls stand still and enjoy their time at the cow girl beauty salon.

Washing cows for the county fair.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of primping now and then?


And after the animals are finished we may use the clippers on these two boys!

More county fair tales to come.
Have a great weekend!


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