Beautiful disasters and minor catastrophes

Whirlpool Oven - made in America

My oven has been showing signs of defeat for several months. First the broil feature stopped working. Then the temperature kept slipping. And one sad day the poor girl couldn’t muster enough hot air to make a point. She was done. Oh, we replaced her elements, check her fuses and tested her connections. The control board went kaput — and because she was discontinued way back in 2002 there are no replacements to be had, even on ebay. I checked.

The oven problem hit a crescendo last Saturday. After calling appliance stores and searching hither and yon for the part we needed, it was determined a new oven was the only solution. DO YOU KNOW THE PRICE OF NEW OVENS?! Holy cow. I still have sticker shock. The cheapest we found in the right size, black or stainless, was $809. Dang! And then … then, I discovered the beauty above. She’s a Whirlpool and she’s made in America. In fact, she’s not only made here, she’s designed and assembled in the good ol’ U.S. of A., too. Nice! 

She has issues, though. I found her online at a Sears Outlet store in Bridgeville, Pa. I’ve never been to Bridgeville, but 70 miles is not too far for an oven that’s the perfect size … in new, working order and — wait for it — 50% off. Do you see the horrible, disfiguring dent in the lower left corner? No? Look harder. See? Do you see the unsightly scratches across the top of the oven? Me, neither — but they are the reason Ms. Whirpool was destined for the scratch-n-dent aisle. Boy, have we taken perfectionism to extremes these days — but I’ll take her. I’ll even send my hubby to Pennsylvania for her! I’ll bake and broil and roast to my heart’s content in an aesthetically imperfect appliance that was 50% off because of a small scar. Also, because he asked, “Could you do any better on the price?” we received an additional 10% off. It was a match made in heaven, I tell you. Divine intervention.

All this to say: strive for perfection, but consider the possibilities of ‘outstanding but has a history’.

Expect the best, always, but see the potential in ‘very good and makes an honest effort’.

No, I’m not talking about appliances, but rather, people. We’re very critical of the folks around us. Our expectations often magnify scratches, dents, bumps and bruises until we’ve created an ugly scenario that’s just not true. I’m not naive — I know there are people whose beautiful side is quite possibly gone forever — but most people, a majority of the folks in our midst, have tremendous potential and amazing talents to offer the rest of the world.

We all have issues. We’re all imperfect … but each of us has value. 

Take a look around and see what you can see. Behind the scratch-n-dent facades there’s a whole lot of beauty waiting to be discovered. If we’re willing to offer a kind word and overlook a few blemishes, we might be surprised at the depth of spirit we uncover. We may be the inspiration that  pulls another from the depths of despair. Start with a smile and see where things go from there!




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    Andrea at Opulent Cottage July 29, 2014 (8:05 am)

    So well, said, Jennifer! Your new oven is a beauty! We got a great price on ours from Sears too. Aren’t we glad we are smart enough to shop around?!!! *****AND MY NEW DRILL CAME!!!**** I’m so excited to start using this baby! There will be many, many opportunities to use it since almost everything around here has decided to break/die/fallapart at the same time 🙂 Thank you again, so much, and I’ll be posting about it soon!
    xoxo, Andrea

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer July 29, 2014 (8:31 am)

      I always think broken ‘things’ come in threes! Hope you get it all fixed and glad to know the drill arrived! Have a great week 🙂