Delight In the Rest

Ferns in the forest of Pennsylvania

Sabbath time can be like this, a sanctuary in time when we consecrate our loved ones, our yearnings for peace, our prayers for strength and well-being for our children. We consecrate them, we en-holy them with our mindfulness, gratefulness and care. If we are too busy to see them, hold them, or play with them, they escape our blessing, and we are bereft of theirs. Our wealth arises from our capacity to bless and be blessed.

Remember the Sabbath, and keep it holy.

Sabbath time is set apart for remembering the holiness of life. If we speed up and saturate ourselves with accomplishment and worry, we may defile what is sacred with our mindlessness. Time is the key. Time, and attention. If we grab a sandwich as we run out the door, this is eating. If we take a small crust of bread and a sip of wine, in a mindful gathering of other beings, this is a sacrament. It is neither the food nor the eating but the time and the mindfulness that reveal what is holy.

~ excerpted from Sabbath by Wayne Muller

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