Vintage Treasures and Good Buys

6 Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went to a vintage antiques and craft show. Admittedly it was day two of this fabulous event, so pickings were a bit slim. We managed to find a few treasures each, though, and I took some absolutely delicious photos of the general area. I haven’t been to something like this in ages … as in maybe two years? I don’t know why. Life’s been busy, I guess. I came home wanting to change my whole house and repurpose some old things from the barn. Bed springs … oil cans … shutters … who wouldn’t be inspired, right?!  10 Loved this little table and chairs set. I no longer have small children, though, so I pointed it out to my sister. She had her sights set on this, though:

9 … the large globe. I love the lockers, she wanted the globe. Eventually we made our way back to this booth and the globe came home with us. The lockers did not. My hubby would not have appreciated a phone call on Sunday afternoon that said, “Please drive up here because we can’t fit this in the car … ”

5 Perhaps I could have sweetened his mood with this? Maybe not. For some reason men seem to only want mounts in the house that they shot themselves. And also, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t approve of the turquoise antlers. I did consider hanging this in the bedroom, though. For a moment.

2 I did send him a text with the above photo. It said, “For the livingroom?” Ever practical and always aware of my strategies he replied, “Great. Just make sure it doesn’t stink before you buy.” I didn’t give it the smell test. Instead, I turned my eyes on this …

3 … and apparently it made me woozy with beauty, because this is a very blurry photo. Let’s just say the price was a little out my range. Isn’t it gorgeous, though?!

4 Have old show trophies sitting around? Get out your glitter, girls! And then I spotted my absolute favorite item at the event …

8 I’ve always wanted an Airstream. And incidentally, I love this song. Isn’t she beautiful? I’m thinking my retirement in 30 years or so should look just like this … maybe with cuter curtains. And how to get from here to there? I’d need something like this:

11 Mmmhmmm. I need one of those. I like the red, but I’m not quite so flashy. I’m thinking it should be turquoise and white.

We eventually stopped our daydreaming, made a few purchases and managed to fit them into the back of my sister’s Expedition.

1 I bought a few little Christmas gift items and that old, rusty fan blade cover. I decided it would look delightful hanging above the old brick fireplace in my living room. And I told my sister, “I could even hang Christmas cards on it!” And would you believe that when I got home and held it up against the bricks, my husband actually said, “What’s that for, hanging Christmas cards?” An enthusiastic yes, ensued, followed by rejoicing that after 16 years he’s getting it! I told him he should coming junking with me the next time. He declined. Baby steps, I guess!

12It was a beautiful day, but a new week begins. I hope yours is colorful and vibrant and brimming with autumn glory!


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    Robyn October 20, 2014 (8:14 am)

    Looks like you found lots of fun treasures, Jennifer. Even if you didn’t bring the item home they still sparked an idea. Looks like a fun time to me!

    Have a great Monday. 🙂