Why I Love Deer Season

Archery bowsLast night the kids competed in an archery tournament — the final rounds of the year. There were kids of all ages, bows of all sizes and styles, and we came home with three trophies. My kiddos were very, very pleased with themselves. They were also exhausted. We arrived home and they hopped into bed not to be heard from until 5:30 a.m. Why so early? Because that’s the time to get ready for hunting.     

It’s deer gun season here in Ohio. My extraordinarily patient husband took all three kids with him yesterday. They were in the woods for about six hours before he called it quits in order to save his sanity. His quiet admission, “Your son does NOT stop talking. The deer can hear him for 10 miles.” The girls are older now and know how to sit and wait, or walk a drive through the woods. They’ve become quite the huntresses, and last year, bagged a nice doe which we enjoyed for months. The little guy? He’s still a work in progress.

Archery recurve bowIt was assumed that the boy would stay with me today, while the other three traipsed off into the thicket. Except that wasn’t what the boy had planned. Huge crocodile tears rolled down his cheeks as he stood in the middle of the kitchen in only his underpants, silently fuming and heartbroken, with arms folded across his heaving chest. I looked at my husband. He looked at me. Then he looked at our son.

“Go get your clothes on. But you MUST be quiet today!”

After some hubbub and a great deal of patient consternation from my husband, they were off in a cluster of orange vests, hats and muddy boots.

And that leaves me.

I’m home alone with my dogs in a quiet house that smells of coffee and Holiday Joy essential oil. The washer and dryer are busily working for me, the oven is baking cookies for their impending return, and I’m crossing to-do items off many lists, left and right. As a stay-at-home, work-at-home, home school mom, I typically spend roughly 18 hours a day in the company of my kids. That’s constant chatter, people … for up to 18 hours a day. (And people wonder why I’m crazy!) But this year … THIS year … the youngest among us is hunting, too — at least for a few hours. Which means next year they will all be older and wiser — quieter, hopefully — and perhaps I will enjoy an entire week of solitude.

Ode to Joy!  I’ve had an epiphany of the greatest proportions! Ladies, we must encourage our husbands and offspring to take up their shotguns and head for the hills. Let them trudge through the mud, snow, sleet and briars to bring home sustenance for the winter months …

… so that we, dear friends, can relish in a few quiet hours of immense productivity. 

Think of it as Deer Camp for Dear Mamas. And hopefully we look a sight better than these fellers …

Deer Camp

Unless, of course, you like to hunt, too. To that I give a hearty, “Amen, sister!” Go getcha some of that … and be quick about it, like my sister-in-law! Yesterday she shot a buck, doe and button buck in the span of 10 seconds. It’s the stuff of legends … the stuff the men in the woods are talking about today. She saw an opportunity and she took it. Determined, that’s what we are! No need to waste a week in the woods when you can get it done on day one!

Now … on to the chore list. It’s deer season, after all.


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